CATWatch - The #1 Electronic Cat Deterrent

CATWatch is an Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent that actually trains even the most persistent feline visitor to stay out of your garden or protected area, for good. And that's what makes CATWatch different. Independent tests prove conclusively that the ultrasonic deterrent "CATWatch" will work permanently. This is because CATWatch has an ultrasonic alarm that is triggered by the cat's movement and body heat, as it enters the protected area. As soon as the cat leaves the protected area, the alarm stops and therefore the cat soon learns that to prevent the ultrasonic alarm the area MUST be avoided.

This breakthrough concept was first developed in 1993, when the latest scientific advances in electronic microchip technology allowed the conditional response patterns of animals to be managed in this unique way - using ultrasonic deterrents. Since then CATWatch has become not only the most effective cat deterrent in Britain, but has sold over 2,500,000 units.

CATWatch - Cat Repellent Features:

  • Coverage Up to 125m2
  • Independently Tested
  • 2 Year Product Warranty
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No More Messy Chemicals
  • Only Affects Cats
  • Over 2.5 Million Sold
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What Comes with the Purchase Price?

After payment is received, we'll carefully pack, insure and send your electronic cat deterrent right to your door. Rest assured because our CatWatch product comes ready to use and includes:

  • Free 9 Volt Battery
  • Free Delivery (within Australia)
  • Positioning Stake
  • Free Shipping Insurance
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Detailed instruction Leaflet
Only $160.00
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CATWatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

CATWatch may well be the best selling, "tried and tested" ultrasonic cat deterrent in the world.

When an unwanted cat moves in front of the CATWatch sensor, an ultrasonic alarm (inaudible to humans) startles the cat, and it soon learns to avoid the area. CATWatch actually trains even the most persistent feline visitor to stay out of your garden for good. And that's what makes CATWatch different. It really is the ultimate "Cat Deterrent".

Why CATWatch? In short...

  • It is easy to use & it works in all weather!
  • Economical to operate.
  • Protects up to twice the area of other cat deterrents.
  • Inaudible to humans and not found to affect other species.
  • Harmless to cats.
  • 90 day money back guarantee & an extended 2 year warranty!

CATWatch is the only ultrasonic cat deterrent that has been recommended by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). Following the largest independent study of its kind, the RSPB agreed to recommend CATWatch - saying that the device is proven to reduce the presence of cats in gardens. Indeed, the longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is!

The CATWatch ultrasonic cat deterrent is manufactured in Britain. Using only the highest quality components, in the four critical areas: 1) power source, 2) LED detector, 3) micro chips and 4) speaker, so the manufacturers are able to offer a genuine 90 day guarantee and a 2 year warranty.

One CATWatch unit will protect an area of up to 125 sq. m. - up to twice the area of other makes. Furthermore, many other deterrents simply emit a random or permanent ultrasound signal regardless of whether a cat is present or not. That's why many people who have tried other cat deterrents eventually choose CATWatch.

For more information see our 'Frequently Asked Questions' below.

You can purchase CATWatch online by clicking on the "Buy Online" button.

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Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent System - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of CATWatch?

The main advantages are that CATWatch is portable, easy to use, quick to set up, works in all weathers and all year round. We have had excellent feedback from customers saying CATWatch works extremely well. It is also economical to run, covers a large area (relative to other units), carries a 90 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.

What are the disadvantages of CATWatch?

Occasionally there are reports that it is less effective on old cats with hearing impairments. Understandably it is ineffective on deaf cats.

Overall, the unit has proved to be very effective in the majority of situations.

How long does CATWatch take to work?

Just like humans, cats have various behavioural traits. Most, upon encountering CATWatch will move away immediately. Other cats, with a more territorially dominant disposition, may actually settle down in front of CATWatch in an attempt to make "it" move! However, ultimately the cats accept it is a battle they cannot win and move on to another area. Therefore please be patient, if CATWatch doesn't appear to work right away. Scientific trials prove that CATWatch works. However, response times may vary in some cases.

How long are batteries likely to last?

Where a CATWatch is used, in an average traffic area a battery will last ~3 months, slightly more in a low traffic area and slightly less in a high traffic area.

What is the best way to order CATWatch?

You can purchase CATWatch online by clicking on the "Buy Online" button.

How long will it take for my order to be sent?

CATWatch is dispatched within 5 working days.

I have a question that you have not answered? If you’ve got an "ultrasonic cat deterrent" question, click here.

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CATWatch & a Mains Adaptor

CATWatch was originally designed to, and can still be powered by, a 9 volt battery. However, for high traffic areas or to eliminate changing the battery a Mains Adaptor is recommended.

Depending on the location(s) you are looking to use the device(s) there may be real benefit in utilising a 12 volt Mains Adaptor, as the unit will emit an ultrasonic alarm which is 35% louder to the cat(s) and more cost effective to run in the long term.

The installation of a Mains Adaptor in conjunction with your CATWatch will virtually create a "set and forget" device. You will have 24/7 protection, 365 days a year, without the need to change a battery.

The 12 volt Mains Adaptor plugs into an ordinary electrical socket. The lead on the Mains Adaptor is 10m in length, so there is considerable flexibility when utilizing this type of power supply.

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